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Posted by failnaut - March 25th, 2013

Yo peeps.

Tonight I released Escape Pod, a space-based endless runner which seems to take its difficulty curve from Dark Souls. I hope you enjoy it. :).

Posted by failnaut - November 12th, 2012

Hey guys! I made a game for Fuck This Jam - a game jam in which you make games about genres or mechanics you hate. I don't hate any, but I sure dislike grinding, sometimes, so this is a game about that. I hope you enjoy it - it's over on my games page and still Under Judgement. Click away!

Posted by failnaut - July 28th, 2012

COOLO FORVER, a typoed version of the words "cool" and "forever", is my second game, and I've been working on it for a little while now.

It's a little different to your average Flash game in that it's a co-op puzzle platformer, but played on the same keyboard. One player uses WASD, and the other uses the arrow keys. While this started out as an easier method of implementing co-op into a game, I realised that it also encouraged friends to hang out IRL to play the game with each other, which is cool.

Don't worry if you want to play it solo - I actually test it both with a partner and without, so I'll ensure it's soloable, if a little more tricky. The positioning of the controls make it pretty comfortable to solo, if anything.

I'd like to have the game done before the end of August, so keep an eye out for any future updates.

Posted by failnaut - June 25th, 2012

Hi, Newgrounds people!

CY here. I'm very happy with how Hug Marine panned out, and I'm working out what game number two is going to be, at the moment. I think I might make something simple and fun, and then start development on a major project that'll last a few months, making small fun games whenever I need a break.

Someone asked me to make more Stencyl games recently, and my answer to that was that I am indeed! Stencyl is a lifeline to indie development for me, as without it, making games would be a lot harder, so not only do I plan to keep using it, but Stencyl can rest happy in the knowledge that even when I pay for a Pro license, I'll keep their splash-screen in.

I hope you've enjoyed Hug Marine - stick around. It only gets more fun from here.


Posted by failnaut - June 11th, 2012

Just a quick message from me to the Newgrounds community to say a massive thank you for the reception you've given Hug Marine. I really am genuinely moved by it - this is my first game, I made it in a month-long game jam for people with full-time jobs, and to have it do this well and be so appreciated is incredible.

I've known this site since I was a kid - back in the days before YouTube, and to actually have people say "hey, this is great" after a childhood full of checking out all the stuff made by people I was a fan of has been an experience I'll always remember.

Yes, there are more games coming! I have no plans whatsoever to let this be the only thing failnaut throws at the NG community, so keep an eye out this year, as you'll be seeing better and more developed work from my little corner of the world.

*raises glass* To Newgrounds!